How We Engage

Our practice offers two avenues through which we serve our clients: Comprehensive Fee-Based
Planning and one-off Services.

Comprehensive Fee-Based Planning

For those who desire full-service support of their financial world, we offer comprehensive planning that considers both your short- and long-term objectives. We discuss your values, goals, and desires, and after a complete assessment of your financial situation, opportunities, and risks, we develop a comprehensive plan to help you maximize your wealth. We recommend specific services and solutions to support your goals and desires, and we help you implement those strategies according to your priorities. Then, as you grow and live your life, we proactively review your progress to ensure you remain on track for your goals, and we help you adjust your plan as needed.

One-off Services

We also offer financial products and services outside the scope of comprehensive planning. These solutions are designed to serve clients who prefer to do their own planning or who are simply looking to solve a specific need within their financial world. Some of our one-off services include 401(k) rollovers, life insurance, long-term care insurance, key-person insurance, executive benefits, and more. Wherever you are on your financial journey, we’re happy to discuss your situation and help you identify which service avenue is best for you.